About Us

Knapik farm machinery were originally created in the 60s, the goal of Knapik brothers in this period was to meet their own needs on his farm, for that was created the precursor one Micro Combined Ceifadera for the rice harvest.

In the following decade the machine was improved and transformed into the 1st automotive harvester, harvesting rice in Massaramduba – Santa Catarina.

Inventions came from the whole family, before use of chemical weeding, was sold to Steel Wire Grid, created by Lady Rose Zipperer, grandmother of the current members.

The flood of 83 that hit strongly Victory Union harmed the activities of the company, leading its owner Joseph Knapik back their efforts to plant watermelon and services.
But the dream was not abandoned in 1997 Sprayer Manual restructured the company, now with new members, children of Joseph.

To consolidate this dream we have the support of great friends in fairs and field days, we leave here our special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Selvino Kunzler. Veroni, of Porto Alegre, who with their support and hospitality were fundamental for us !

During these years of activity we received some awards that encouraged us to be better every day:

– Ruraltech Prize in 1999, held in Londrina – Paraná, where our Manual Spray took 1st place in the category solutions to add value to Rural Enterprise.
– In 2006, the Animal Traction Planter was awarded the Prize Agro West Family Farming Center.
– In 2001, the city of Esteio – Rio Grande do Sul won the silver trophy, also with Animal Traction Planter, the Gerdau Award “Best of the Earth”

We are currently located at Rua Mayor Alfredo Metzler in Union City – Santa Catarina, act developing tools that offer solutions and become feasible within the farm.